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Designwerk specialises in developing vehicle and charging systems. The Swiss company based in Winterthur develops complete systems to order, from the initial research to the prototype phase, including the mechanics, electronics and software. In addition, product design is an integral part of its processes. Owing to the company’s in-depth knowhow in the field of vehicle design, the development of transmission systems, and FEM analysis, Designwerk is able to get prototypes on the road quickly and easily.

Logo Futuricum
Sister-brand and reference

Futuricum – Electric Commercial Vehicles

Futuricum is the sister brand of Designwerk Products AG for electric commercial vehicles. The brand originated from a flagship project carried out by the parent company Designwerk Technologies GmbH, which aimed to develop and construct 26-tonne e-trucks that were economical and eco-friendly. All Futuricum vehicles, including the 26E and the SEMI 40E, are fitted with energy storage devices made by Batteriewerk.

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Engineering graduates from the NTB are capable of solving complex multidisciplinary challenges. Thanks to its expertise in the field of electric motors, batteries, vehicle dynamics, torque vectoring and new steering systems, the NTB plays an active role in the development of innovative e-mobility solutions. Research on the thermal management of batteries is being conducted by the Swiss Center for Energy Research – Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility (SCCER Mobility). The 16-tonne e-digger developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich (ETHZ) was awarded with the Swiss and European Solar Prize 2015.

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Munich Electrification

Munich Electrification GmbH supplies battery management systems to the automotive industry. Its main emphasis is on e-mobility and lithium-ion batteries. Munich Electrification assists in ensuring that the BMS electronics and software incorporated in Batteriewerk products comply with the ISO26262 standard.