Batteriewerk – an electrifying brand for battery systems

Batteriewerk is a brand belonging to Designwerk Products AG for the development, production, integration and maintenance of lithium-ion battery systems. The brand is the product of a former Designwerk joint venture. It benefits from a decade of experience in the field of e-mobility as well as the ongoing transfer of knowledge from the Swiss university landscape. With its modular battery pack systems, Batteriewerk even makes it possible for medium-sized vehicle manufacturers to make the transition to e-mobility and realise the most challenging of projects.

The Batteriewerk accumulators facilitate the electrification of trucks, buses, municipal and special vehicles, mobile energy storage devices, airport equipment and construction machinery.

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About the Designwerk Group

Designwerk Products AG originated from the Designwerk subsidiary and electric truck manufacturer Futuricum AG, which was founded in 2017. Since 2019, the company has been responsible for the serial production of all products developed by the parent company Designwerk Technologies GmbH and now operates under the latter’s name and brand.
The company’s production programme includes Futuricum brand electric trucks, mobile rapid chargers, and modular battery systems for electric vehicles and airport equipment. The e-trucks include the first fully electric refuse collection vehicles to operate on Swiss roads. Designwerk chargers are extremely popular with European vehicle manufacturers. With its modular traction batteries, the company even makes it possible for small and medium-sized vehicle manufacturers to make a successful transition to e-mobility. All this is achieved by nurturing a can-do corporate culture and providing reliable, sustainable Swiss quality.